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Health is wealth! Staying fit is not a choice anymore, according the survey about 70% of the worlds adult population is Overweight/ Underweight/ Obese, the survey also reveals that this percentage is only increasing every year. What is the reason behind this? Our life style! Yes, our lifestyle is the direct cause for this, Overweight and Obesity are the strongest risk factors for type 2 diabetes, Heart health risks. People are becoming less active day by day due to technology advancement, so it is time to be active, stay fit and healthy.

Healthy India Wealthy India, our aim is to promote healthy life style and to help everyone to achieve individual fitness goals. We are revolutionizing the Fitness and wellness access to users with our technology and making the life simpler. Our intention is to resolve the problem faced by people who are finding it hard to find a fitness center and activity of their choice at any location by paying one time fees to access various partner fitness center across the country.

AnyGo has partnered with about 1000 fitness centers across India, user can pay for AnyGo Pass and use any of our Partner fitness centers and activity of their choice.

We provide inexpensive option for people who don’t want to be stuck with the same gym, doing the same activities all year long.

AnyGo user can pay for monthly/quarterly/semi annual/annual Pass and experience a huge variety of activities like yoga, zumba, MMA, functional training and more with single membership and with no advance fee or registration

There are different category of Passes, Users can buy Passes online, they can also gift passes to their family and friends.

Working out alone is boring and not motivating, Isn’t it? but finding a partner to work out at every fitness centers is not easy, What to do? AnyGO helps you to find Partner to work out at any location and any fitness center and for any activity of your interest.

No more multiple memberships at Multiple Fitness centers, No registration fees, Buy AnyGO Pass and go for all the fitness centers and variety of activities.

Socialize and Stay fit with AnyGo
One Pass, 1000s of fitness centers and 100s of activities
Pay for one Go for all !
Stay fit wherever you are with our 1000s of fitness centers across the country.